Z. Allora

Entwined Dreams 

Audiobook for Lock and Key

Book 2: Secured and Free(Orion's book) was released with Dreamspinner Press.

Book 1: Lock and Key (Zack's book) and my first BDSM is in the final stages of pre-submission. I've re-wrote it based on some incredible feedback which added 45,000 words. Now I need to write the query letter & synopsis. I will keep you posted.

Free & Secured the second book is forcing me to take notes on it and I have a feeling it will be the next book I work on. I've requested the cover from Koji.

Made in China

The BIG news is Dreamspinner Press will be publishing the rewritten  & newly edited The Great Wall early 2018. This story is set in Suzhou China.

The Temple of Heaven is due to DSP Oct 2017 will a possible release mid-2018! This story takes us back to Suzhou China and travels around Asia a bit. We get to see the band getting on its feet and becoming The Dark Angels's opening act. Tian Di and Indigo find an odd fellowship. And Jordon Davis finally gets laid! It's in Scrivener. I'm blocking chapters. I'm on chapter 7!!!

Currently, there are four Dark Angels books. There will be a few more shorts and we will see these characters cross over into another series.

The Ladyboy Chronicles:

The second book's working title is Smoke & Mirrors. I've been taken notes on the story. It will begin directly after Illusions & Dreams. Tong will be send on an errand that will change perceptions and reality. It will allow us to see what one of the co-owners of Illusions & Dreams has been involved. We'll explore how gender fluid might be expressed.

The Librarian's Rake

This book is in final edits and should be released in early Fall 2017.

Book Updates

Club Zombie

Book 3: Will be Erick's story (Storm's brother). He'll explore the difference between gay, gender fluid, gender queer and transgender with the help of support groups. Due to the characters who are involved, be forewarned the sex will be very sweet. I'm 4 chapters in, but Made in China 2 needs to be written first.