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Currently, there are four Dark Angels books. There will be a few more shorts and we will see these characters cross over into another series (Psst, The Temple of Heaven.)

Book 2 of Entwined Dreams: Secured and Free (Orion's story) Fate was a bitch! Why when he gave up BDSM did Orion find the world's most perfect Doms? Secured and Free received 3rd place in the Erotic Romance Category, was a finalist in Best Gay Book overall, and an Honorable Mention from The Rainbow Award 2017!

In September 2017 I met The Liberal Redneck=Trae Crowder and his two talented cowriters Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester at a quick meet & greet at the WellRed Comedy show in Albany NY. Trae Crowder's videos have kept me sane. I tried to explain to them how grateful I was to them for the strong support of the LGBTQIA community. (But with my stutter I wasn't sure how much they got). Though somehow I said I write rainbow romance. Corey jokingly said I should slash them....

In life it's not often one is given an opportunity to say thank you to one's heroes so I spent the end of 2017 working on a labor of love: a Redneck Bromance. Keep in mind none of these men are gay and are engaged or married in real life so I couldn't disrespect their partners which put me in a bind. I came up with a creative solution where there is permission and the partners do their own exploring so I think the story remains cute, sexy and nonsketchy.  

One of my publishers Rocky Ridge Books allowed me to do a proof copy run of 5 books. One for each of the men, one for the history shelf of the publish and one for me. I don't mean to be a tease but these are not available for purchase.

I'm sharing this so you'll know why Rocking Thin Ice won't be submitted on time but I've no regrets!

Book 1 of Entwined Dreams: Lock and Key (Zack's book) and my first BDSM had a successful launch.

Destiny will be decided by a battle between heart and mind….

Jun Tai “Styx” Wong loves two things: playing the drums and his best friend, Jin. But being a good Chinese son means he can’t have either—he’ll have to marry a girl of his parents’ choosing and settle into a traditional job. His move to the bigger city of Suzhou is both a blessing and curse, as living with Jin makes it harder for Styx to suppress his desires. Nearly dying while trying to eradicate his feelings serves as a wake-up call for Jin, who takes extreme measures to keep Styx safe from harm.

When given a second chance at life and happiness, will Styx be able to claim the future he wants with Jin, his bandmates, and his music? Can love and hope grow with the constantly looming threat of Styx’s parents ordering him home? Great things await—if Styx finds the courage to break down the wall that stands between him and everything he wants.

The Ladyboy Chronicles:

The second book's working title is Smoke & Mirrors. I've been taken notes on the story. It will begin directly after Illusions & Dreams. Tong will be send on an errand that will change perceptions and reality. It will allow us to see what one of the co-owners of Illusions & Dreams has been involved. We'll explore how gender fluid might be expressed.

News & Updates

The Temple of Heaven will be in edits in January 2018 and hopefully will have a mid-2018! This story takes us back to Suzhou China and travels around Asia a bit. We get to see the band getting on its feet and becoming The Dark Angels's opening act. Tian Di and Indigo find an odd fellowship. And Jordon Davis finally gets laid! It's been submitted.

The Librarian's Rake

Sweet and shy librarian aches for a walk on the wild side. Sexperienced Phillip is happy to be his guide but his idea of a happy ending requires a swallow.