Z. Allora


The Ladyboy Chronicles

Illusions & Dreams

**This series takes place in Thailand where the title of ladyboy is a title that is aspired to... It does NOT have the negative connotations the term has in the West. I spent a great deal of time with the club performers and they requested (=demanded) I use the term... their word to describe their accomplishment. Please know in the West this is a negative term and please do NOT use it.**

Randy Camster failed at being married. His life now centers around work, TV sports, and listening to his friend Jake complain about how Randy’s lack of a sex life will be the downfall of mankind. Not true! Well, not totally. He’s just never understood the fascination with sex until… ladyboy performer Lalana Dulyarat shimmies into his world via an Internet ad for Thailand tourism.

Jake O’Neil’s open pansexuality yields him interesting bedmates, but he’s never chased after the mythical illusion of love. He focuses on others, like his best friend Randy, who needs a Bang-Cock vacation. Finding an adorable little imp named Boon-nam wasn’t on the itinerary. Gay, straight, and undecided, Jake has had ‘em all, but never a virgin aching to take a walk on the kinky side after having her affirmation surgery. Talk about pressure. And what’s with everyone warning him not to break her heart? His is the one in danger.