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This is Z. Allora's official website. She writes rainbow romances that are  yaoified with smexy sweetness and happily ever afters.  She believes in love, happiness and forevers.

Z. Allora has written series about hot rockers, sexy zombies and Thailand ladyboy club performers. She explores different orientations and gender identities. The tags of gay, straight, and bi are too confining for her characters.  Z. worships the fringes and rebels against labels. Z. enjoys teasing out a  spectrum within the each stripe of the rainbow so individual uniqueness can be appreciated.

Zallorabooks Lgbtq   Rainbow Romance

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An abusive Dom robbed Orion Gordon of his love of BDSM, destroying his confidence and leaving him unsure he’ll ever find peace through submission to another. Still, deep inside, his longing continues. 

Marcus Sadir loves Hunter Dixon, yet can’t be the one thing Hunter truly desires: a sub to control. And Hunter can’t find satisfaction in the sadistic aspects of the BDSM lifestyle, while Marcus thrives on inflicting and sharing pain. When Marcus convinces Hunter they should find a third on a permanent basis, they discover Orion might be the key to bridging their differences and joining them on a deeper level. 

But they must help Orion move past his trauma enough for him to enjoy new facets of BDSM and kink again. Their journey toward becoming whole—together—won’t be without challenges. Can Orion trust enough to try again?